Converting electrical components into function

Our aim is to support our customers every step of the way – from choosing the right cell and setting the requirements to quality controls and manufacturing.

Areas of Expertise

Our Process


You present us your vision and requirements, and we guide you to the best solution.

We create a 3D-model and prototype for your project. This helps you visualize the result and makes sure the end result is accurate.

Testing is fundamental to assure the capacity and quantities of the components and the finalized product.

By thorough quality controls of all components we ensure long term reliability in our products.

We provide expert guidance on regulatory and certification requirements for your project, ensuring all ends are covered and ready to go.​

Our manufacturing is based on lean production and contains up to four production lines.

We will support you before, during and after the project is finished. When your product is finalized we can help you with further testing or support.

Application Areas

Smart home, or home automation, is a part of IoT with focus on home devices and applications. EXO Industry are working with projects as thermostats, connected lighting system, home security applications and other devices connected to each other.

With the energy crises that we experience today energy storage is a key factor for the future. Energy storage can also increase the standard of living significantly for people living in off grid areas. EXO can develop and manufacture energy storage systems for small to middle size projects and customize it towards specific requirements. We also have a finished solution for off grid areas which can be used on its own or combined to create a micro grid.

Today almost all technical products in your everyday life are connected to a network and/or contains sensors. These products are often powered by a battery solution, preferably one that occupies a small space and has a low weight. At EXO we can help you to find a battery solution that fits your requirements. We can also run the production of the battery solution, harness, and assembly of the device.

Within the field of medical technology quality and accuracy is of highest importance. EXO can support you in setting the requirements and develop a solution for your product or help you replace your existing solution for an updated one. EXO can also help with wire installation and assembly of devices, as well as added functions like a screen or display.

When everything goes dark and you need to find your way out as quickly as possible the emergency light can be crucial for survival. Considering this, it is an application area that requires a high quality solution with a long life span. EXO can support you in choosing a good battery solution as well as with wiring installation and assembly.