Solar power with battery storage system.

Microgrids – A possibility in off-grid areas

Most of us takes electricity and it’s perks for granted. Amenities such as light during the dark hours, a refrigerator to store our food and a washing machine for our laundry. Around the world several communities without access to the official power grid needs other solutions to experience the same comfort. In the past diesel generators and lead acid batteries has been common solutions, but there is a more efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly way.



Distributed microgrids are rapidly gaining recognition as the lowest cost solution to provide energy to remote rural communities living off-grid. Technology advances have enabled energy companies to deploy DC distributed microgrids at a fraction of the cost versus traditional AC microgrids.

Lithium storage has experienced a growing uptake in the solar sector with the lifetime cost point now at par or less compared with traditional lead-acid storage. Coupled with large savings on operations, this technology now has the potential to unlock communities who were previously unviable to be served by energy utilities.

EXO has developed an energy storage system with lithium-ion technology, adapted to rough climate, humidity, and outdoor environment. The system can be connected to solar panels which will charge the battery during daytime with the excess energy, which can be used during the dark hours. EXO also has a collaboration with Okra, who has developed a product which makes it possible to connect several households’ systems and, in that way, create a microgrid.

In this type of project EXO Industry can take the role as an expert in battery technologies and support with the following steps:
– Set the battery requirements for the project
– Designing the best battery storage offering
– Customizing the solution as necessary
– Certifications of the final battery solutions
– Production of the final battery solution as per project scope
– Supplying the offering to the project location
– Installation and maintenance support
– Designing the battery recycling and replacement schemes, and its implementation
– Design of monitoring and evaluation framework

Microgrids creates an opportunity for people in off-grid areas to live a more secure and comfortable life. Furthermore, in a village of 250 households a micro grid solution could save approximately 1000 tons of CO2-emissions during a period of 20-years, which is the life expectancy of the grid. EXO can provide a finalized and complete solution for this type of project. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want more information.

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