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Customized batteries and engineering services

Special design and prototyping of completely customized batteries. Taking your project from start to finish, our engineers support you in all stages of the project. With local support and manufacturing in France EXO Industry aims to develop a strong relationship with customers all around Europe.

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Custom battery solutions – the process

Each project is unique, requiring a meticulous analysis of your specific needs for an accurate demand specification. Collaborate with our product specialists at EXO Industry to tailor a solution to your requirements. Our expertise encompasses a variety of battery chemistries, allowing us to design battery packs suitable for even the most intricate applications across different categories.

Our team of skilled engineers will collaborate to develop a solution that aligns with your specifications and budget. Before the final product, a prototype will be crafted for your internal testing and evaluation alongside your application. We guide you from the project’s start to its completion, ensuring support throughout the entire process. Following the testing phase, a customized battery solution will be delivered, fine-tuned based on your feedback.

Custom battery packs

- applications

Our projects range from designing the smallest custom battery pack to verifying large energy storage systems. Our dedicated focus on each client ensures that we strive to offer the best assistance possible in creating a tailored product. The applications we specialize in include:

Medical technology
Smart home
Emergency lighting
Electronic measurement systems

Custom battery pack design

Our engineers specialize in designing battery packs utilizing various chemistries, including Li-metal, NiMh, Li-ion, and primary batteries like Alkaline and Lithium. The selection is tailored to meet specific application requirements. All our packs are crafted using reliable batteries sourced from some of the world’s most reputable battery suppliers.

Customized primary batteries

Battery packs made of primary batteries are mostly used in remote controls, toys, portable devices, and lighting. Made of primary batteries such as alkaline and primary lithium.

Customized NiMh batteries

Suitable battery packs for emergency lighting and emergency power systems. Made of rechargeable NiMh-batteries crafted with non-flammable materials.

Customized Lithium-ion batteries

Battery packs for medical applications, e-light, IoT, toys and other industrial applications. Made of Li-ion batteries with high energy density, long lifespan, and superior battery performance.

The team of professionals

Battery packs designed and manufactured in the heart of France – our aim is to offer you the optimal solution for your next project. With a shorter lead time and local support through offices in three different countries, we aim to ensure your confidence and security when partnering with Exo Industry.

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