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Engineering experts in battery packs

As a part of Cebon Group we have provided engineering expertise since 1986.

Starting with industrial batteries, the business evolved into a diverse array of offerings. From custom battery packs to engineering services for large energy storage projects.

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Designing & Manufacturing battery packs

Designing & Manufacturing

Designing and manufacturing of custom battery packs for industrial applications. We work with multiple battery chemistries and supply OEM- customers with special battery packs for diverse application areas.

Engineering experts in France.

Testing and certification

Safety and reliability validation of batteries for industrial applications. Our product specialists inspect and test battery cells to confirm their suitability for a given application.

Engineering projects.

Engineering project support

Startups, mid-sized businesses, and large companies all require external expertise from experienced engineers on certain projects. EXO aids you throughout the process, from idea to final product.


We understood that the batteries may become a critical part of the energy chain. So, the French team initiated the idea of placing a new company in France.


At CEBON Group, greatness is the shared objective across the companies. Collaborating with our partners, the mission extends beyond delivering top-notch products and services. We prioritize fostering robust relationships with those we work alongside.

Because no matter the differences, it is much cooler to stay together through thick and thin!

Make tomorrow better- is the core slogan for Sparq. Specializing in sustainable energy solutions, the company offers industrial li-ion batteries tailored for various applications.

As part of GP batteries, GPBM Industry provides NimH batteries to OEM customers in the Nordics, France, and Italy. Safe and dependable battery options for a variety of applications.

EXO Industry - group.

Engineering experts - we are EXO.

A diverse range of personal backgrounds, expertise, and knowledge, but all with a shared passion for innovation and new technologies. EXO Industry provides a comfortable atmosphere with a complete emphasis on you as our VIP customer.