About Exo Industry

Engineering experts in energy solutions.

As a part of Cebon Group we have provided engineering expertise since 1986. Located in France, with customers all around Europe, we aim to support in different projects regardless of size and your personal preferences.

Let us help you with project management and manufacturing of battery solutions. 

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Battery Chemistries

Our values

Safety and Performance

Accurate quality control of all components and a detailed workflow to secure safety in all processes. 

People Development

Constant skills development and improvement of the employees. All necessary help provided to get deeper knowledge in regulations, latest technologies, and work methods.  


Smaller quantities while maintaining cost efficiency – the goal is to make a difference for every customer.


Respect and responsibility towards customers, employees, suppliers, and nature. Constant feedback for improvements in quality and services of the whole company  

Customer Focus

Customized solutions regardless of project size and specific requirements. A close collaboration with each customer ensures a suitable solution for particular demands.  

Located in Paris with a local warehouse and high quality-products for different needs. Our current customers work in medical and industrial applications, transportation, electrical systems, and special field applications. 

Perhaps you operate in a completely other sector and are looking for a partner that can assist you with engineering expertise? A partnership with EXO Industry is a team effort to bring brilliant ideas to life. With passion for things we´re doing. 


To make things great is a goal for all of the companies within Cebon Group. Together with our partners, we aim to provide customers not only with highquality products and services but also to make sure to build a strong relationship with people we work with.

Because no matter the differences it is much cooler to stay together through thick and thin! 

Sparq is a part of Cebon Group, which offers high-quality batteries, energy storage systems and complementary products for different industries. Together with Sparq, we provide our customers with the best possible option with sustainability as the leading star.  

Qoitech provides tools for battery testing and battery life estimation. With great precision and speed, as well as reconfigurability, Qoitech solutions are ideal for businesses looking to improve their offerings. Exo Industry uses Qoitech products at various phases of the internal operations.   

GPBM Nordic is a subsidiary of the Cebon Group, which distributes high-quality GP Batteries throughout the Nordics, France, and Italy. Existing customers include OEM and MRO companies. GPBM Nordic is one of EXO Industry’s biggest battery suppliers. 

Etteplan specializes in software and embedded solutions, engineering, and technical communication. EXO Industry partner up with Etteplan as an independent party in specific projects and joint events.